trying to find Brian Young 54 sqn plt tp last seen at crown 1966
Ron Rooney RAAMC
Reg Wight RCT
Alex Adams RCT
Pete Stocks RAMC
Dusty Miller RAMC
John Higgins RE
Terry Healy RE
Vic Duffield RAMC
Neville Singe 59 SQN
Spook Martin 54 Sqn
Warren Howells 59 Sqn
Bob Killick 59 Sqn
Ben Gunn 59 Sqn
Kerry Whelan 59 sqn
Harry Murray 59 Sqn
Kenwin Jones 59 Sqn got one with email address?
Barry Pass 59 Sqn
Paddy Close 59 Sqn
Jeff Andrews RE
Bill Bagalley RE
Trev Turnbull RE
Tony Lee RAMC
Harry Sutcliff 59 Sqn
Gordon Manning RAMC
Ray Basford RAMC
Derek Hayes RAMC
Ken Ashton RAMC
Bill Hoolahan REME
Samual Samson REME
Mick Pickup REME
Mick Gent REME
Mick Pennington REME
Ian Matyear REME FOUND
Richard Kennard REME
Mick Wright REME
O'Keefe RAOC
Ken Ashton RAMC
Chris Maidment RAMC
Derek Hayes RAMC
Tom Miller RAMC
David Barton ACC
Tony Farr ACC
Hippo Hall 59 Sqn Deceased
Malcolm Williams 59 Sqn

Sgt. Ron Roney, Ian Brandis, Alfie Brennan
John “Bluey” Chopping, Peter ”Rabbit” Bunn R.I.P,
Ian Cooper, Andries “Dutchy” De Lieeuw
Ron Gregory, Mick LeGrand,
Allan “Bouncer” Ploenges, Arch McWilliam.
Jim Harvey, Ray Easton.


  1. Desmond Griffiths RAMC from Barbados.
    Fred Clarke RCT from Glasgow.
    Both lads 16 commonwealth field ambulance

  2. Please add your name so i know who left message

  3. Peter Bunn RAAMC maybe Peter Bunn 9RAR Vietnam. He was killed in a car crash the day the battalion returned to Adelaide Australia from Vietnam in December 1969

  4. Hi Hank
    I have been searching the site and found it very interesting. Please can you tell me if I am a registered user/member? Also, where can I get the most in depth historical information about the time that we were there and up to about a couple of years later. Another question I would like to ask is; Were there, or has there been, any confrontations at the site at any time? such as attacks on the construction site by insurgents/ terrorists or other groups over the period of it's existence? What, if any, were the perceived threats in the region at the time?

    By the way I mentioned in a communication that I would not be attending the re-union this year, it didn't ask for a reason; so I thought I would let you know that I am attending my daughters wedding in London at that time. Please be kind enough to give my apologies and best wishes to all in attendance.

    Your old mate John TAFF Roberts


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