PEOPLE that joined us COVENTRY 28th 29th 30th SEPTEMBER 2012

Hank Lawrence 11 Indep Fd Sqn. 1963/64 Booked
K C Holder 11 Indep Fd Sqn 1963/64 Booked
Tom Pritchard 59 Fd Sqn. 1964 Booked
John and Pat Jackett 16 Fd Amb. 1965 Booked
Bryan and Marilyn Sheilds-Probett 59 Fd Sqn 1964/66 Booked
Roy Falconer 59 Fd Sqn 1964/66 Booked with BB
John and Carol Hyland 16 Fd Amb 1964 Booked
Steve and Linda Wilby 11 Indep Fd Sqn 1967-69 Booked
Brett and Angela Bretton ACC 16 Fd Amb 1964 Booked
Richard and Lorraine Cliffe 59 Fd Sqn 1964 Booked
Pete Marsden 11 Indep Fd Sqn 1965/67 Booked with PC
Terry Milsom 59 Sqn 1966-69 Booked
Gerry and Carol Crow 59 Fd Sqn 1966-69 Booked
Pete Carnighan 11 Indep Fd Sqn 1965-68 Booked with PM
Bob Buckle 11 Indep Fd Sqn 1964-66 Booked with RF
Howard Tomlinson 54 Fd Pk Sqn 1965-68 Booked with SH
Steve Hearst 11 Indep Fd Sqn Booked with HT
Geoff and Pamela Spencer 59 Fd Sqn 1966 Booked
Harry Ramsay REME 11 Indep Fd Sqn 1966-68 Booked
Peter Coates 59 Fd Sqn 1966-68 Saturday Only
Harry and Babs Brittain 11 Indep Fd Sqn 1965-68 Booked
Bob Crowford 11 Indep Fd Sqn 1964-67 Booked with PS
Doug and Sue Hamilton-Cox 11 Indep Fd Sqn 1965-68 Booked
Chris Potts 34 Sqn 66-67 visit
Ray Basford 16 Fd Amb 1964-66 Booked
Paul Strobridge 11 Indep Fd Sqn  Booked with BC


  1. Arthur and Joan Nix 16 Fd Amb 1964 intend to join the next reunion.

  2. Geoff and Pam Spencer will be attending 2012

    1. Will Cliffy turn up to this one?

  3. Looks good Hank a lot more than last year.

  4. Cliffy ..My wife and I have just booked ,We look forward to seeing you all


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